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Groover rereleased the game as a DVD with additional features on March 22, 2002.

The two Play Station 2 spin-off games carried the subtitles of ~Kanenone Romantic~ and ~Kanenone Dynamic~. Green Green takes place in Japan’s countryside, in a non-descript region with forests and an isolated boarding school known as Kanenone Gakuen (鐘ノ音学園, literally translated as Sound of Bell Academy).

Backgrounds are used to display the current location, with images of characters in Yuusuke's line of sight appearing on the screen.

Characters that are not speaking will blink their eyes, and those that are speaking will move their lips accordingly.

The game takes place over the period of one month, from June 23 to the end of July (the exact date varies depending on which ending the player aims for).

Should Yuusuke fail to win the heart of one of the five heroines by the end of July, the player is defaulted to a "common" ending.

As such, the game falls under the Adventure Novel genre.

This game has been adapted into an anime television series and an Original Video Animation.

The current day is displayed on the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

A panel at the bottom of the screen is used to display text.

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is a Japanese H-game for PC, developed and published by Groover.

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  2. The side characters are funny as hell (the Godly Steamed Bun x D or the Sword Saint or w/e he's called) but lack the backgrounds to make things more interesting.