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I even feel that those days, the fact that i was foreign and couldnt speak swedish even made them more interested in me.

As soon as they say sth to me and i say ''am sorry, i dont speak swedish'', its on.

"In my observations, I have seen little difference in the success rate of a man who is native to Sweden and a man who is non-native to Sweden towards your stated goal to "aquire" a local girl?

The people who seem to do well in this venture by my observation seem to be content and happy with their own lives all by their lonesome and remarkably few of the Swedish and foreign males seem to be particularly affluent.

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I've been living in Gothenburg for a little more than a year now and I'm in the middle of a huge culture shock like many others but that's not at all important. (foreign girls are off limits to because they only hang out and date guys of their own nationality and there is no comunity from my country in this country).

Just look nice, compose yourself and act like u cant be arsed about them, u get them coming to introduce themselves to u.

Dear adman83, This is horrible and as a foreign man living in Sweden(by coincidence in the Gothenburg area) like you I have to admit I neither consider myself attractive nor felt that others were under the illusion that I was attractive.

Is it true that the only ones that stand a fighting chance are the rich and very good looking ones (at least on the same level as swedish guys - they have been voted as world's most attractive men)? You could always try a dating site that could give you a chance to get to know somebody.

I even tried going to bars on friday and saturday night as some coleagues suggested hoping that "you will meet someone every now and then eventually" bu with ZERO success ... The fact that I'm kind of ugly compared to locals and the complete absence of social skills, especially the "meeting women" kind of skills also had someting to do with it but even if I had all those things it still seems impossible to to meet someone in this country. I hope it goes well for you and dont give up I'm not all that familiar with Gothenburg, but I am sure that there are places you can go to acquire a girl. Do not get caught by the police because it is illegal2. Brush up on your Polish/Romanian and other East European languages Remember that there is absolutely nothing wrong with online dating- just look for someone in the area and get to know them on line first and then meet up.

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They start chating about how they wanna improve their english...

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