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Cases dismissed for want of prosecution are those in which a party fails to appear for hearings, file records or take other required action on time.However, many of the dismissed cases had been scheduled for trial or only needed Pratt to sign final orders.Barringer said she had submitted an order to Pratt at a mid-December hearing to finalize the case, but "she never signed it." Her client, a 35-year-old single mother, said she "was completely shocked and appalled because everything was turned in on time, everything was done just the way it was supposed to have been done, and yet my case was thrown out." In his complaint to the District Attorney's Office, Enos alleges that by signing orders to dismiss those cases, Pratt violated a section of the state penal code that makes it a crime to knowingly make a false entry in a government record."The truth is that none of these parties were given notice that their case would be dismissed on Dec. A docket for cases set to be dismissed for want of prosecution, he wrote, "takes up at least half a day and usually involves dozens and dozens of attorneys in the courtroom with motions to retain.Attorney Terry Yates, off camera, right, makes a statement on behalf of Judge Denise Pratt, center, after a grand jury a no-bill in a case where she was accused of tampering with court documents, Dec. (Eric Kayne/For the Chronicle) Embattled family court Judge Denise Pratt is the subject of another criminal complaint by Webster family lawyer Greg Enos, accusing her of breaking the law by signing orders saying she had given prior notice to lawyers before dismissing hundreds of cases last month.Judges are required under rules of civil procedure to schedule hearings and warn parties involved in pending litigation of their intent to dismiss cases, but numerous lawyers, including Enos, have told the Houston Chronicle they learned their cases had been dismissed only after the fact.

Each state regulates the practice of law within its jurisdiction to maintain the integrity of the profession and protect the consumers of legal services before they hire an attorney."The fact that he released this quote, I'll put it in quotes, 'criminal complaint' to the media on the same day he filed it with the DA's office shows his true motivation." Enos' complaint was the second he has lodged with the District Attorney's Office in regard to Pratt.Last October, he accused the Republican judge of backdating court orders to make it appear she had performed duties months before she actually had in several cases.The directory is sometimes called the "Roll of Attorneys." Most of these bar directories also allow the public to research the attorney’s licensing and disciplinary history.If you want to find the attorney or know if they have ever been disciplined or disbarred, then these directories are the best place to start your search.

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