There was a problem validating this phone number

I recently added a Phone column to a custom list and wanted to validate it was an actual phone number.

Unfortunately, my handy dandy regular expression that I always use in .

An AND statement allows you to pass multiple conditions and will return true only if all the conditions return true.

This is a great way to ensure that multiple checks all validate correctly.

NET wouldn’t work here since you are limited to using the calculated field formulas .

Some quick searching turned up Robert Freeman’s blog where he gives a great formula for ensuring phone numbers are entered in the form (###) ###-####. However, I wanted to make sure I understood it so I broke it out into logical sections and went through it.

So Freeman starts his formula in line 1 with an AND statement.Its (housing) values are between Honolulu and San Francisco at Halifax incomes.” Things are similarly bad in the Fraser Valley, where housing prices are seven times median incomes.And here’s where those gasps and exclamations of “wow” came in: Yan first presented a slide that showed million-dollar-plus detached homes in Metro to be concentrated in Vancouver.There are a few things driving the out-of-control market, and it’s not a strong local economy or in-migration from other parts of Canada, Ley said.It’s not a writ large lack of supply, either, the panelists agreed.

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