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She is her own unique person and when she decides she wants to pose for Playboy I will be behind her. Uzo has the most beautiful body I have ever seen but she does not need to get nude for us to see it. Moreover, I think everybody here is actually patronizing u and not saying the real deal, or asking the real questions, so my question is, are u free for an interview? I will be at the store tomorrow and I am soooooooo excited to see it!Look at how graceful she dresses but at the same time sensual and sort of still shows what a fabulous body she has. I'm sick of you men wanting us women to take it all off. Uzo, I can't wait for your album to come out; i will be the 1st in line to buy it. [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] WTF UZO -- Prej, 01/23/03 Thu Ha, Uzo. Besides, when did u get married, to whom and why did I not hear about it? [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] Looks like you are doing well...

YOU DESIRE, AND U SEEK TO SATISFY UR WANTS, REGARDLESS OF WHAT PPL THINK. THERE ARE PPL WHO WILL DISHONOR U, DON'T MIND THEM, FOR THEY WILL TALK ANYWAY.. It only takes God's grace for a well-raised and well-to-do people not to mess up their system. But I am writing if you do know and believe in them. well im interested in talking to you more so feel free to call me at ****** or im me at Joe6l4774 thru yahoo. Jai, Kathy [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] Hello Love -- Lisa Morgan, 10/28/02 Mon Dearest Uzo, I have heard you numerous times on the Howard Stern show and am in complete awe of your personality and honesty.I'm very proud of what Uzo have achieved in her little lifetime. She is a goal-getter; and people are always looking to strike people like her down but I know she will keep her head high and keep being the best that she can possibly be.I'm really glad she is in college(Full time to boot).I was gonna move down to Florida to meet you, the weather is better than over here in pittsburgh plus I could meet Uzo. single and currently working for SPDC (shell) warri. I can get food from food banks, but no one has money for rent right now. Uzo is a gorgeous smart woman who does not need to degrade herself by posing for playboy unless she is bored and feels like doing so. IF you have what it takes, you are degrading yourself by having a low enough opinion of yourself to believe that you are not worth anything if you show off your god given beauty to the world.It is all going for utilities, which I have due as well, but can make arrangements on them. No one looks down on all the beautiful celebrities and such that have done Playboy (many are the highest paid and respected women in the world).

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Jul 8, 2016 In order to use Yahoo Mail, you must be a registered Yahoo Trep7 yahoo chat-23 Trep7 yahoo chat-1 Trep7 yahoo chat-71 Free sex chat without registration without credit card · dating internet personal resource single .

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