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The different types of rubber used in tyres have significantly improved and are not as sensitive to the passing of time as they used to.

The tyre in itself will not deliver lesser performances so long as it was stored in optimal conditions.

Alexander the Great connected the island to the mainland by constructing a causeway during his siege of the city, The original island city had two harbours, one on the south side and the other on the north side of the island.He is now back home and is expected to make a full recovery.“Police are trying to trace the vehicle and people involved.In ancient times, the island-city of Tyre was heavily fortified and the mainland settlement, originally called Ushu (later called Palaetyrus, meaning "Old Tyre," by the ancient Greeks) was actually more like a line of suburbs than any one city and was used primarily as a source of water and timber for the main island city.Tyre's name appears on monuments as early as 1300 BC.

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