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I had hoped that when I had posted on Omni Graffle's Facebook page back in early December, there'd at least be some mention of an ETA for a future product.

But with no indication that any instance of the above will be implemented, and the fact that there was no mention to improved Omni Graffle in Omni Group's blog post (late December), I'm really forced to look elsewhere for a product which can deliver what I need to for my clients, which is unfortunate.

Please visit our new forums to participate in discussion. I was hoping that by using stencils I could edit a single instance and have it change throughout my multipage document.

This topic describes lifecycle operations for service instances, including creating, updating, and deleting.We do have it in mind to look at implementing some sort of reference object library in the future. Without it, my Thesis would look like crap ;) tielefeld The selection inspector treats grouped objects as if they were a single shape, but we can file a feature request on making this change so the rest of the team knows you'd like to see this added in the future. Joel/Brain Well if you are taking the requirement seriously, then it needs a bit of thought re the method, what exactly are we looking for.You might be able to get what you're after here with copying a shape as a PDF and using Link Back to get the behavior sought. I would suggest that, while drawing a diagram using a stencil, if one opens and edits the stencil, upon saving the stencil, there could be an option to "change the objects in the diagram to match the characteristics of the [changed] objects in the stencil". I think it would be better (for many reasons) to instead enhance the Style Brush, to pick up the full set of styles from an initial object, and then be able to change any object that one touches with it. Cheers Derek Add me to requesting this feature also.Something along the lines of master objects or linkback-ing only more powerful.Joel/Brain, I just want to jump in here as it's been more than four years since the OP had asked whether Omni Graffle will support propagating changes to multiple stencil instances (this has been asked various times, including this post from way back in 2009) The option to automatically update stencil instances, at least for me, is one of the most useful tools Omni Graffle could possibly implement.

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