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He also had 95 yards on six catches - and a boneheaded lateral that swung momentum Texas' way in the first half."It's been a great run. "I don't think we should be ashamed about anything."In a game that produced more than 1,100 yards, a defensive stand was key for Texas.

But when Len Dale White came up inches short, Wright and other Texas defenders jumped in the air and charged off the field as Young trotted on."If you make that first down, you're squatting on the football to win the game," Carroll said. After a 5-yard scramble, he misfired on two passes to set up fourth-and-5 at the 8.At the Heisman presentation, Young had a blank stare and reluctantly clapped after he lost in a landslide to Bush.After winning the biggest team prize of all, he beamed with a satisfied smile, hugging anyone he could find.this USC team is on the verge of something truly special tonite, they win this game by double digits According to your ass it is SC. Why people think Texas will win anything saddens my soul. Last year, they mudholed Michigan and I was very happy they did, but remember they lost a game during that season they shouldn't have. Yes, Young is good but I'll tell you what....named the last Big XII quarterback to do anything in the NFL and you will have your answer to why Texas will not win.Remember NFL fans there are 2 better QB's in the draft ahead of Vince Young= Mr. He is great in college but will most likely not do much after.

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Leinart passed for 365 yards, and his 22-yard TD strike to Dwyane Jarrett put USC ahead 38-26 with left.

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