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Each morning, they summarized the previous night's events.

At lunchtime, fans were given an Olympics or Intel-related contest question.

I can go out and meet people I don't know.' It was something interesting and unusual.

And that got a lot of buzz going, getting people to try it." Out of all the Chinese digital products, We Chat is perhaps the best positioned for global expansion.

AKQA created a badge-collection system using We Chat's QR-code scanner, replacing a paper passport.

Fans completing certain challenges could win a chance to meet stars like Le Bron James.

You can create an account via your Facebook account or with a mobile device, and users can share anything from audio and text to their current location.

But Mark Natkin, a technology analyst in Beijing, says the West can learn a thing or two from We Chat.In the evening, the hosts announced winners along with another sports update.Starbucks To reach customers through music, Starbucks asked fans: "How are you feeling today?Launched in January 2011 as Weixin ("way-sheen"), it was rebranded in April 2012 with the globally palatable moniker We Chat.It's offered in languages from English to Turkish to Arabic. 1 social-networking app in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Malaysia, but also in Saudi Arabia.

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"Everyone is using We Chat, so marketers are wondering how can they use it in their communications," said Sophia Ong, the executive at We Chat's parent company, Tencent, who helps marketers navigate the internet giant's myriad platforms.

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  1. And yet, I do have a couple of issues with the construction of these new devices, which are joined by the HTC U Ultra, announced in January, in favoring glass as the primary build material.