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" When she finally finished touring "Siberia" and set out to write something else, however, she soon found herself blocked. She shifted away from music, spending her time painting and penning poetry.

"If you looked back, you'd probably think I was out of my mind -- but that's how you get it out," she said, speaking always at tommy-gun pace.

I’m a writer for a little-known show on Country Music Television Canada. I regret writing that I stupidly thought Ghomeshi was gay before meeting him.

I want to scream and push him off, but his friends are standing around like bodyguards — his. This is the approach when I type it out for the online magazine xo Jane. They call my article a desperate plea for attention.

"I always think you just have to get it out, even if it's crap, and then never see it again. There's a buildup of material, like a calcium buildup." Gingerly, she returned to songwriting, sharing her new work only with longtime manager (and dulcet-toned CBC personality) Jian Ghomeshi. "I would write a song every couple days, send it to him," she said. This part's cool, this part's cool, keep going.' Never being like, 'This is it.' "That was the only feedback I was getting." The 27-year-old, quite honestly, was digging for radio gold.

Having wandered from strictly structured pop on "Siberia," she wanted to refocus her energy on songwriting, embracing the anti-indulgent demands of hook-crafting.

"There wasn't one single song that a record label wanted to take hold of, so it was: 'This is your body of work. Do it yourself.' And that's what we did." Though no singles climbed as high in Canada as early-career highlights "Saviour" (No."Little Machines" is precise to an almost ludicrous degree -- five different tracks run between exactly and . And after glacial opener "Portal," Lights rips through a series of audaciously sticky-catchy electro new-wave anthems: "Running With the Boys," "Up We Go," "Same Sea" and "Speeding." "I did know that I had to write a record full of good songs," she explains. I wanted every song to be enjoyable and not thrown in there for the sake of it."That was very, very conscious I think." Both stylistically and lyrically, the songs are almost nostalgia-infused, a focus for Lights.When I was five, I watched a neighbourhood boy tear Lanette Ariana limb from limb. I just wept over my beloved, dismembered Cabbage Patch Kid. It will soon become the bad-date story that upends my life, but I don’t know this as it spews out of me like stomach bile. Once I calmed down, my dad told me not to take shit from any man and toughen up, lest I be eaten alive by the doll-murdering vultures of the world. I don’t care that the writing’s not good; I just want other women to stay away from him.

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