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Locked inside the building they try to find a way out so they can leave.They do find a way out, going to a nearby run down hotel like building, booking rooms there for the night.He gained fame as part of The Creatures, which he was a part of from 2010-2016.His personal You Tube channel has more than 3 million subscribers.

The boys of the Creatures decide to get rather nasty when the doors are closed; however, someone has the inside scoop of what they do. Some of the most famous You Tubers end up going to a quick Halloween styled PAX event; Once they get there, they find out that is no PAX event, and someone, or something wanted them to come out for unknown reasons.

He soon started making commentaries, both for his channel and Machinima.

Eventually the focus of his channel changed from Machinima to commentaries on a whole.

Soulmate AU Idea was found on Tumblr by queenofthespooky if I remember correctly.

Songs used are Waves - Mr Probz, September - Earth Wind & Fire, Hideaway - Kiesza, & Rather Be - Clean Bandit (If any translations are wrong feel free to let me know and I'll fix the problem! Anyway, this piece is of them being domestic fucks and cuddling on the couch :') Seamus' pov.

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