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/ Ghyslian Raza / Greg Allman / Gunther Kelly / Harry Reid / Hu Jintao / Jack White / Jennifer Finley Boyan / Jon Bovi member / Jorge Ramos / Joseph Corey Wayne / Junior Soprano / Ken / Kip / Lance Ito / Lyle Kane / Macaulay Culkin / Major Toht / Man / Mark Sellers / Micky Shanks / Mr. Dillon / Newt Gingrich / Nick Lachey / Oliver North / Patrick Kelly / Professor Severus Snape / Smee / Tom De Lay / Willie Nelson / dancing coach The 67th Primetime Emmy Awards (TV Special) Himself - Nominated: Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series / Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series & Co-Presenter: Outstanding Directing for a Variety Series That period in between getting the part and starting work on the movie[Nebraska (2013)] was an anxiety-riddled period...So in my head, I would think, 'Oh, at a class like that they have these pearls of wisdom that everybody who is part of "Nebraska" has, except me'......The 37-year-old actress -- who has a 3-year-old son named Xander -- has dated her fair share of Hollywood stars before her recent co-star couple alert.Her prior romances include Ashton Kutcher, Josh Groban and director Noah Miller. "[Ethan was] my biggest crush when I was a little girl," she recalled, adding of his acting abilities, "I was weeping and I felt utterly powerless.Forte created, writes and stars in his own television sitcom, The Last Man on Earth, which premiered on Fox in 2015.

Forte's first successful foray into comedy was 101 Things to Definitely Not Do If You Want to Get a Chick, a comic book he produced that details incompetent men.The comics landed him his first professional job writing for The Jenny Mc Carthy Show, a short-lived variety show starring Jenny Mc Carthy.Shortly thereafter, he was asked to submit a packet to the Late Show with David Letterman and was told Letterman responded favorably to animation.His most famous role on the show led to a feature film adaption, Mac Gruber (2010), that preceded his departure from the program.Forte took various roles in comedy films, before starring in the drama film Nebraska (2013).

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