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The major downside to this approach though, is that if your Woo Commerce theme doesn’t have it’s own gallery implementation and relies solely on the default Woo Commerce lightbox, chances are right now that your lightbox is no longer working. The old lightbox has been completely deprecated and removed from the product page.

So unless your theme author has already added support for the new 3.0 gallery features you’re caught in no mans land right now with no functioning lightbox!

The good news is that adding support for the new 3.0 gallery features is a piece of cake!

Can someone help me out and either update my code or point me in the right direction as to how I can use as many of the built-in Word Press functions (wp_check_filetype_and_ext()), or anything else that would be well-suited, to handle the validation as possible?

If you need a good quality host that makes setting up a staging version of your website really simple check out Siteground.

Oh and even after you’ve tested everything on a staging copy of your website please please make sure you backup your live website before running a Woo Commerce update on your live website.) Once you updated to 3.0 the first thing you probably noticed is that your lightbox stopped working and now images simply open in the browser – kinda like this.

It also must be secure to prevent any malicious files, attacks, etc. I'm not really familiar with it, nor am I a PHP developer. I have functionality in place to handle the image uploading, saving, etc. will do all of the checking you get when you upload things via the dashboard, and will create attachment posts to represent these uploaded files in the database.

It will also handle the creation of different image sizes, and compatibility with plugins, and respect the security settings specified in the dashboard.

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