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We don't know what specific colours mean, in some cases dark colours can be a symbol of submission, but in other cases, like the black beard in [Central bearded dragon] males, it's a symbol of dominance.

They obviously use it for camouflage - they match very well - but it's a limited range of colours they have to match.Whereas in their social displays when they change colours, they've got pinks and oranges, greens and blues, and a wide range of ultraviolet colours that are visible to chameleons but not to us.Females use colour to signal whether they'll accept courtship or aggressively reject male advances, and the males use it in territorial displays and also in courtship displays to female.It's interesting that the female dragons have developed a specific mechanism based on a colour signal to ward off the males. I've been studying it in the Lake Eyre dragons - they occur only in the Lake Eyre salt pan, which is the most barren habitat you could be in.Usually it's the males that are a brighter version of the females, but in this species both sexes are really well matched to their backgrounds, and in the breeding season, the females develop really bright patches of orange on their bellies.

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